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Partial and Complete dentures replace missing teeth, restoring function and facial proportions within physiological limits. We can provide natural looking removable dentures with optimal stability and function. We can use a variety of techniques to complement your natural smile. We can also help determine if the placement of dental implants will be possible to improve your experience with dentures, allowing you to enjoy improved confidence with your dentures.


What Are My Options?

Implants are an alternative option to dentures. Where only a few teeth are missing many patients consider the implant option, as this is a fixed solution. However, dentures are a less invasive and less costly solution. Dentures can be constructed from acrylic resin, chrome cobalt or gold. Your dentist will advise which is the best option for you.

There are various standards of dentures available. The highest quality aesthetic dentures are made using injection moulding techniques. Injection moulding techniques improve the fit of the denture and prevent discolouration. It also provides ultimate strength for dentures.

Bespoke dentures are created by hand picking individual teeth to be placed on the denture. There are dozens of teeth in a variety of shapes, size and colours to ensure the result is the best possible.

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Additional time and craftsmanship is spent on the gum contouring and overall aesthetics meaning the most natural appearance is achieved. Bite and overall function of the denture is also much improved with the use of the highest quality materials and techniques.

The different standards of denture can be explained to you fully at a consultation with our denture specialist.

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