Dr. Rogieh Ilaty
Dr.Ilaty Featured dentist in the Daily Mail
Awarded the title "Best Dentist in Cosmetic Dentistry UK" by the IAE.
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Dr. Nick Jahany
Nick Jahany Winner of Best Young Dentist
Award in 2019.
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Porcelain Veneers in Surrey
Porcelain Veneers Dentists To The Celebrities - With Finance Available
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Tooth Whitening in Surrey
Tooth Whitening For Less Than You May Think
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Enjoy First Class Dentistry With Rogieh IIaty

Dr IIaty delivers first class dentistry to the celebrities and welcomes you to Surrey Dental Spa. We strive to bring you quality of care that is like no other dental experience you have had. Our dentists and team are comforting and genuine and devoted to your wellbeing.

Dr Rogieh IIaty’s passion for dentistry has grown into one of the most respected and experienced cosmetic dentist, which was recently acknowledged when she was awarded the title Best Dentist in Cosmetic Dentistry – UK by the IAE.

She is well known for her celebrity smiles as a dentist and a friend, patients come for the reputation and expertise Dr Rogieh IIaty has earned over the last 21 years. They come back again and again because there is no better aesthetic or mouth reconstructive dentist anywhere. She has completed thousands of smile makeovers, and specialises in veneers and dental implants. Call for an appointment, and find out why Dr Rogieh IIaty treats every patient like a celebrity.

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